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Contingency Recruitment

Rebel Status offer contingency recruitment services to fill a variety of requirements that your business may have on an individual or multiple vacancy basis.

Our Contingency Recruitment service will search our extensive network of candidates, locally and globally, as well as utilising all the latest internet based CV databases and social media networks to find a pool of suitably qualified candidates for your vacancy. We won’t bombard you with a myriad of search results but instead will carefully select a smaller number of chosen candidates that we believe will meet your specific and unique requirements and add value to your business.

  • A face to face meeting or Skype conference meeting with you
  • Detailed job specification taken to ensure we are 100% confident that we understand your business and its requirements. We would also agree timescales for candidate presentation.
  • Detailed search of our network and other resources available to find the best pool of talent available
  • Qualification of candidates to assess interest and suitability for cultural, aspirational and financial fit with your business.
  • First interviews arranged
  • Feedback gained from client and candidates
  • Second / Final interviews arranged
  • Offers, acceptances, resignation and counter offers can all be handled or advised upon by Rebel Status
  • Successful placements commence employment with your business
  • Rebel Status will only charge a fee for this service on successful completion of the placement.

Retained Search

Fundamental to our recruitment services is our Retained Search. The Retained Search itself is a step-by-step process that follows a logical sequence of events wholly controlled by you, our client.

Here at Rebel Status we feel a retained search package is particularly effective when the recruitment exercise needs to be confidential, remaining invisible to the general public. It is ideal when only the very best will do, or when all other avenues have proved fruitless. The process of retained executive search – contacting and introducing executives to senior-level job opportunities – is a sensitive one and must be performed within a careful set of protocols.

The retainer provides us both a framework of professionalism, credibility and recognized practice, creating a partnership between Rebel Status and our client. Rebel Status bring industry-specific expertise and unique insight on the clients leadership needs.

We also offer a retained search on a project basis. Some of our clients are at a critical time in their acquisition for talent and require multiple candidates within a very short timescale.



As a business starts to gather traction and thus starts to aggressively increase their headcount, the demand for new talent for can increase substantially. Most internal departments simply don't have enough time and resources to cover all of their company's recruiting needs in this situation. Rebel Status RPO is available to step into your existing structure and amalgamate the recruitment process throughout the entire business or wherever your need may be.

Using our RPO Service can have a very beneficial impact wherever it is needed the most/ It lowers your costs and reduces time while providing consistency and uniformity within the workforce. Rebel Status manages all sourcing, screening, and measurement tactics for your entire organization, while your existing HR team handles the interviewing, hiring and on boarding processes.

  • Measurable results — SLA and KPI driven metrics and outcomes
  • Lowered cost & shared risk — Flexible and scalable to accommodate your fluctuating needs
  • Reduced time-to-fill — Multi-tiered sourcing strategy accelerates the process
  • System-wide savings — Economies of scale reduce cost
  • Consistency — Streamlines recruiting functions across multiple regions / business units
  • Centralization — Global account management and vendor management

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Talent Acquisition structure and analysis

At Rebel Status, we have a vast amount of experience dealing with businesses from start-ups all the way through to multibillion euro conglomerates.

We believe that having dealt with these businesses at critical times of their business growth, we have the array of skills and knowledge to help Rebel Companies implement an in house structure and system that works for them.

Since our inception, We have been involved in entering companies at various different periods of their growth, analysed, researched and spent time with the business to completely set up their in-house recruitment metrics and tools to help move that department forward. From areas as simple as career pages, in house database systems, structural set up and putting into place various metrics, we leave the company with a sustainable and long term plan to increase their quality and quantity within the talent acquisition space.

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